Next shipment will be Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014.

Welcome to Good Land Organics™. Our farm is located in the coastal foothills of Santa Barbara at an elevation of 650 feet with a comfortably warm, southern orientation. Our weather combined with our innovative organic growing techniques allows us to cultivate a wide range of out of the ordinary crops such as cherimoyas, finger limes, coffee and more. If you see something you like and it is out of season please sign up for our notification list.

: One of our more exciting new crops is a micro-citrus native to Australia. They are refered to as vegan caviar or caviar limes, because the flesh is similar in texture but has a distinct lime flavor. This small fruit suprises taste buds in any food and drink that calls for lime, and ones that don't! 

Yes, we are working on growing coffee in California!  We have been collaborating on this effort with Mark Gaskell of the University California Cooperative Extension.  This trial is evaluating all aspects of growing coffee in California with over a dozen named varieties. We host scheduled coffee tours in the summer and fall months, and we can accomodate private groups. If you are interested, please call: 805-685-4189. We will be posting our tour calendar soon.

:  We take a lot of time to care for of this crop, including hand pollination. It is the sweetest fruit grown in Santa Barbara in the winter and the most pleasurable fresh crop to eat out of hand. We are currently in season - so grab your order now!  Cherimoyas will be in season until May.

Other fruits we have available for national shipping are listed on our store page.

With warm regards,
Jay Ruskey and Family
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cav lime close up 12 12 
          Lime bursts on a December afternoon.
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