Passion Fruit

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Perfectly sweet and tangy, our purple passion fruit is ideal for tropical juices, cocktails, desserts and straight-up snacking.

Just like you, these beauties get sweeter with age. Wrinkled skin tends to indicate a sweeter fruit and smoother skin can often indicate a bit of tartness. Passion fruit is best harvested when purple and smooth, then allowed to ripen at room temperature according to your palette and preference. Wait for wrinkles or not-we like them both ways and every way in between. 

 We recommend pairing passion fruit with fatty, creamy foods-like cheeses and yogurt. A touch of caviar lime pearls creates a uniquely (and surprisingly sweet) experience. This fruit is also magical on its own-cut in half and eaten with or without a spoon.

For cocktails, tequila, vodka, rum and gin-based drinks are almost always a great fit. Keep it simple and use a little sugar or agave to achieve your desired sweetness. 

A Tip -There is no need to remove the small black seeds before consumption unless you want to eliminate a (very enjoyable) crunch. If preferred, the easiest way to achieve a seed-free experience is hands-on. Simply press the pulp into your colander, over a bowl. Some home-juicers are successful at passion fruit seed removal, but not all. 



Passion fruit is rich in antioxidants, carotenoids, and polyphenols and is both nutrient dense and low-calorie. Vitamin A and vitamin C are abundant in passion fruit as is soluble fiber. This little fruit provides a significant amount of nutritional bang for your buck.