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Our Story

Good Land Organics is an exotic fruit and coffee farm overlooking the Pacific Ocean from the foothills of Santa Barbara, California. Our certified organic farm employs a layered agriculture system that utilizes crop diversity and maximizes the potential of our hilly terrain-one of the many ways we practice sustainable growing and resilient agriculture. 

Founded by Jay Ruskey in 1992, Good Land Organics is now a family affair. Together with his wife, Kristen, their children Sean, Aiden and Kasurina, and (grand)parents Jack and Nicole, the Ruskey Family has built more than just a farm. Under the Ruskey Family, Good Land Organics has become a pioneer grower of rare and exotic fruit in California, and a leader in the evolution of California as a coffee growing region. 

In 2017 Good Land Organics' coffee program grew to become Frinj Coffee, INC. The name is a nod to Good Land's ability to grow coffee on the fringe of traditional coffee producing regions. These days, Frinj leads over twenty-four partner farms in California, working to develop southern California as the first specialty coffee growing region in the continental United States.  Good Land Organics is the heart, headquarters and flagship farm of Frinj Coffee

The Good Land family is growing. Meet our team