Good Land Organics is a certified organic exotic fruit and coffee farm in Goleta, California. We use innovative and sustainable growing practices to produce out-of-this-world fruit, coffee and good times. 

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"Many California avocado groves are aging, confronting their owners with a variety of challenges — and coffee offers one sort of transition."

Your Coffee Is From Where? California?

New York Times


"Ruskey’s timing is good: Consumers are willing to pay handsomely for quality caffeine. His coffee can fetch $60 to $80 a pound..."

California Coffee: farmers get a buzz from growing specialty crop.



"Ambitious growers from San Diego to Santa Barbara are putting in coffee plants — and some think beans might be the next big thing for the region."

From avocados to coffee beans: one California farmer makes the shift  



"...the role of the fringe farm—and effort and research put into trying to grow crops in places where they've never been grown before—will be increasingly important as climate change continues to affect farmers."

Could Coffee Be the Next Wine of California?

Food 52 

"Good Land Organics seeks to prolong the fresh lifespan of its finger limes while avoiding the waxes typically found on citrus in retail stores. This goal, along with the farm's general approach to sustainable agriculture, meshes well with Apeel's focus on conserving natural resources and making fresh food more widely available."

California Caviar: Making Finger Limes Stay Fresh  Longer 

Apeel Sciences


"Diversity of farms is essential for our food system. Coffee has opened my eyes..."

Good Land Organics Growing Coffee in Cali

Angels' Cup




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