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Oh-so-sweet and creamy in texture, cherimoyas provide a rare and delightful experience that we're sure you will love.  Our cherimoyas are lovingly hand-pollinated and harvested on demand for perfect ripeness. You won't find a more delicious cherimoya anywhere.

Cherimoyas are wonderful to eat out of hand and to do so we recommend cutting in half length-wise, then into pieces small enough to hold and bite, removing the non-edible seeds as you go. Cherimoya is also a delicious addition to smoothies and a superb frozen dessert base. Add to fruit salads, yogurt bowls and or anthying else that would benefit from a deliciously sweet and creamy addition.

Cherimoyas have a short growing season, keeping you in state of eager anticipation until January 2018 when the next season begins. 


Cherimoyas contain a significant amount of potassium, helping to maintain a healthy blood pressure level. They are also rich in vitamin C, B vitamins and contain cytotoxins which are believed to fight cancer.